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Dec 2 2019

Seattle Mortgage and Home Loans – HARP, USDA, FHA, 203k and Jumbo – Dan Keller, seattle mortgage rates.

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seattle mortgage rates

Seattle mortgage rates

The Biggest Mistake First Time Home Buyers Make In Seattle

Episode #46: I explain the BIGGEST mistake first time home buyers make in the Seattle market and how it cost $83,981 over 10-years

Seattle mortgage rates

Understanding Trump s Tax Plan and Mortgage Interest Deductions

Episode #45: It s tough to believe what the media is saying related to Trumps proposed Tax Plan and what it means to housing, so I explain exactly what it means

Seattle mortgage rates

Everett Mortgage Broker Explains Zero Down Home Loan Options in Washington

Episode #44 Everett Mortgage Broker explains the Top 3 Zero Down Loan Programs for 2017 and an update on the market

Recent Mortgage News Updates

Seattle mortgage rates

How To Pay Your Closing Cost When Buying A Home

Closing costs are a variety of fees associated with buying a home! In this article and video, you ll learn what are closings costs and how to pay your closing costs when buying a home in Seattle..

Seattle mortgage rates

The Top 4 Factors That Determine Your Mortgage Rate Quote

Consumers are misinformed when it comes to mortgage interest rate quotes. Today, I give you a behind the scenes look into the mortgage industry and what determines your mortgage rate

Seattle mortgage rates

How A Home Refinance Should Look 2 Step Process

I answer the top question I get on Yelp How do I refinance my mortgage? I share my 2-step mortgage planning process that is designed to save you and make you money over time

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Seattle mortgage rates

Seattle Real Estate Radio | podcast Youtube show

Seattle mortgage rates

Listen Watch | This Weeks Episode

Curious about what goes into staging a home, and why it could be a life saver before you put your house on the market? David Robertson of David Robertson Design is here to shed some light on the topic.

David has been working in Seattle for 14 years in Home Staging and Interior Design. He opened his own company David Robertson Design based on the idea that if he specializes in building a company around his passion for Modern and Mid Century Modern Design/Architecture that he could create a niche in the Seattle Market that was not being meet. 10 years later, he has grown the company from of 1 Employee and 1 Sofa to 9 employees and 5000 sqft Warehouse that can stage up to 50 houses at a time. He has the most talented design team assembled in Seattle that are the magic behind his company.

Tune in to hear all your questions answered on what is important to know about design and home staging, led by our ever wonderful hosts Dan Keller and Christian Nossum.

To check out David Robertson Design, visit here

To check out Co-host Christian Nossum’s website, visit here

What Other Are Saying | About the Dan Keller Team

The Dan Keller Mortgage Team gives massive value to their clients in each transaction. They not only provide great rates and fees, but also offer unparalleled customer service! Oh, and did I mention that they can close a loan effortlessly in under 21 days?

Zach M. September 11, 2015

When it comes to buying a home, small differences between banks can amount to thousands of dollars. Dan locked us into an excellent rate and helped us secure a loan with payments well below our expectations. He secured us an amazing mortgage and made the entire process simple and effortless on our part. He and

Bert B. September 11, 2015

Dan Keller and his team are completely amazing. I have a bit of experience in mortgage lending (okay, 30 years), and would highly encourage anyone considering a real estate loan (Agents, are you listening?) to use Dan’s team for their next transaction. My daughter her family were in a short-sale escrow to purchase a

Deborah K. September 11, 2015

As a real estate attorney, I can attest to the first-class quality of Dan’s service and products. Dan has done a spectacular job for my clients, distinguishing himself by working hard, getting them in the right loans, then ensuring the transactions close smoothly. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough.

Ron M. September 11, 2015

I’m an educator and a 30+ year veteran of the mortgage lending industry. I’ve known Dan for several years now. This year, Dan was put in a position of having to make an ethical choice. He chose to be honest. His choice had an effect on me professionally, and I don’t think he realized it

Jillayne S. September 11, 2015

Can’t say enough about Dan and his team. I am a real estate broker in Northwest Washington and encourage all of the buyers we are working with to contact Dan and use him if they are financing their home. I could go on and on about how he has saved the day on different deals

Ed F. September 11, 2015

My wife and I are first time home buyers who were slightly anxious about the unknowns in the process of getting a loan. A friend referred us to Dan Keller and his group, saying they had rates comparable to big banks but were much more personable. Our first thought was that paying a bit more

Jonathan W. September 11, 2015

After an awful experience with Wells Fargo, Dan and his team swept in and saved the day. We found the perfect house and were not ready to let it go. We thought it might be a long shot to get our loan through a second process in only 3 weeks, but Dan made it happen

Alanna B. September 11, 2015

I have been recommending all of my Seattle Real Estate clients to Dan Keller for years when they need an FHA loan, conventional mortgage, or refinance. As a Seattle real estate agent myself, I am often “courted” by mortgage brokers that want me to work with them. None are as good as Dan. When he

Christian N. September 11, 2015

Dan has been an excellent business partner, I definitely recommend his mortgage services!

Bob W. September 11, 2015

Honestly after reading these reviews I was skeptical about them being fake. Possibly Dan’s friends or family trying to hype him up. People do not get this good of reviews. I was wrong; after working with Dan I can honestly say he was great. We had a near impossible situation that most advisors/brokers would have

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