May 7 2020

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First premier credit card


2019’s Best First PREMIER® Bank Credit Cards

Below are our ratings of 2019’s top First PREMIER® Bank credit cards. As a leading subprime issuer, the bank tailors its card offerings to those with a less-than-perfect credit history. Our reviews follow strict editorial guidelines and are updated regularly.

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Behind the Issuer: First PREMIER® Bank

First PREMIER Bank is based in Sioux Falls, S.D. As one of the strongest capitalized banks in the country, they proudly operate with no debt.

First PREMIER is considered to be a subprime credit card issuer, as the bank’s products are designed specifically for consumers with low credit scores who can’t qualify for prime credit cards.

First PREMIER Bank has millions of customers nationwide

With millions of customers around the country, First PREMIER is one of the 20 largest issuers of Mastercard credit cards in the US. Its sister organization, PREMIER Bankcard, handles the bank’s credit card business. According to the bank’s website, their goal is to provide second chances to people with damaged credit.

“Since 1989, our primary purpose is to provide individuals with damaged credit histories an avenue to obtain credit through the use of a credit card to help them demonstrate positive financial patterns,” their website says. “Therefore, credit lines are kept low (usually around $300) so that these individuals are not put in a position to further hinder their financial progress.”

The bank helps customers that otherwise wouldn’t have access to credit

Additionally, “All of our products are priced based on the risk associated with offering the product to these individuals, many who find themselves at the lower end of the credit scale.”

Having no credit or bad credit can make it difficult to get approved for new credit, as well as impact your ability to qualify for an apartment or set up utilities. It also triggers higher interest rates on loans and many other consequences.

First PREMIER’s cards help consumers with credit troubles get access to credit. After several months to a year of responsibly using these cards, consumers should be able to qualify for more traditional credit cards. It’s best to think of these cards as stepping stones.

As a national market leader, First PREMIER Bank focuses on individuals who have less-than-perfect credit, but who are actually still creditworthy. Paying your minimum payment on time each month and keeping your balance low relative to your limit will provide your credit report with positive marks on a monthly basis.

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The information on this page was reviewed for accuracy on August 17, 2018 .



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