Mar 26 2020

Credit one bank website not working #Credit #one #bank #website #not #working

Credit one bank website not working

Credit One Bank / can’t make a payment due to website and app down

If I get charged for a late payment due to your technical problems I’m going to be pissed. Get you crap fixed. I can’t even contact anyone due to making payment for someone else and him having the card. He is currently overseas. So recommendations for making a payment and not by snail mail? I have proof of your sites being down and will gladly take the info i have including the negative ratings on this crap card, close the card out this week and cut and cancel it out and dare this company to charge extra fees like I have seen, to a lawyer. There’s never an American speaking person on the line when calling and very rude and unprofessional. My 3 capital one cards have never been rude nor charged me for bogus charges, like a credit increase. Anything to make a buck, right?!

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Site and app is still down, I tried to call and said to call back in 2 hours and I did and said call again in another 2 hours. dont want a bogus late fee and my credit report tagged with a late payment. Has NOT been late in 2 1/2 years.

I am having the same problems. In addition, I’ve been receiving NUMEROUS calls from 779-666-5339 I looked it up online and it said that it belonged to a Verizon retail store in Rockford Illinois. I called them to ask them to stop calling, as I assumed it was an error. It was Credit One Bank. Never left any messages for me to call them back identifying themselves. I cannot make payments online or by phone. I am on the phone now with automated. So far they want to know how old I am and offering me Roadside Service, a $100.00 monthly reward. I cannot get past the “free” offers in order to make a payment. It’s asking me to press 1 to receive the shopping certificate. Does not give an option to decline. Then a rude voice says “have a good day”. CANNOT MAKE A PAYMENT to this place .

my payment is due tomorrow, I got a page saying I’m using a device they don’t recognize and they will send a varivication code. NO CODE . called back, told I should get the code in 24-48 hrs. Meanwhile, my payment is going to be late, never have I been late, and can’t pay over the phone. I’m pissed.

Credit One’s website is ALWAYS down!! I’ve had an account with them for a couple of years now and it has been down more than a dozen times. Absolutely unacceptable! Their excuse is always that they are “upgrading their website”!! Well I’ve been doing business with them for a couple of years now and apparently they now hold the title for the longest upgrade in history!! They’ve been upgrading now since 2016! High fees, late fees charged if you are more than 3 seconds late while trying to make a payment because their website is down. It’s impossible to actually speak to someone on the phone. I’m trying to rebuild my credit and this is the crap that I have to put up with in order to do so as not many other cards will give me a shot. Except Capital One thankfully! Their fees are high as well, but their customer service is stellar! And their website is never down! Credit One’s customer service is non-existent! As soon as I possible can, I am cutting all ties with these clowns and doing business with ONLY American credit companies again! Who are crooks too, but not nearly as bad! Buyer beware and enter at your own risk!

I had no problems for a couple of years but the last maybe three there was nothing but problems! I’d go online to make a payment as usual and wasn’t able to do so. Was told that my account was frozen and to call a number. I called it ten times and each time I would be on hold for a unremembered amount of time then it would hang up on me! TEN times. I tried calling the number on the back of my card and it wouldn’t go through.
My husband recently got a card with them, forgetting the problems I had and when I went in to check the balance I couldn’t remember the sign in information. Went to the recovery page, entered the information, hit continue and. nothing. It was an empty javascript button! Didn’t go anywhere!
I then decided to try to register and maybe I’d get a different link. Entered the information, hit the button and immediately got the error that everything with an asterisk was required. Please fill in the information in red. THE ENTIRE FORM WAS RED! It removed all the information automatically.
I’m reporting this company. They are FRAUDS. Seriously do not do business with this company. You’re credit will be ruined! And as a side note, if you already have a card with them and it’s in good standing LEAVE IT ALONE. Cut up the card and never use it but don’t close the account. That too will damage your credit.

@CheshireRaptor My 96 year old Dad has this card. I take care of my parents’ finances. The card was opened when they were taken in by fraud, and credit ruined, in 2013.
Everything went along fine for several years with signing in to make payments. Well. About 6-8 months ago I couldn’t sign in. I called. Credit One said their IT Dept was working on updating the website (should be done in two weeks) and they waived the $9.95 fee for me to make a payment over the phone. Well. After about 4 months of doing that their IT was STILL working on the website. Then, they wouldn’t waive the fee. So. I have had to start sending payments by snail mail to ensure we aren’t charged the fee. And, of course, they won’t update the account to begin sending statements again. So, I am copying old statements. This is CRAZY.
So. Stupid Me. About a year ago (before this started happening on my Dad’s account) I opened an account for me. All was well until a few weeks ago. I couldn’t sign in. Of course, no password was emailed. I am sitting here recovering from surgery and decided to get them on the phone. They asked me if I was using Chrome. No. Explorer. So. I opened Chrome, while on the phone, and went through the process to email me the info. Nothing. Called back an hour later. Well. Since I tried Chrome I can now use Explorer. I told them I had tried that multiple times prior to using Chrome. So, then he wanted to know was my Explorer and Chrome up-to-date. I said YES. My company is updating my computer constantly. He took my payment (due today) and waived the fee. AFTER I insisted. Of course, he didn’t ask how much I wanted to pay and just processed the minimum payment. UGH. He asked if I was satisfied with the outcome today. I said only if I received the email to reset my password. He said he would forward my concerns to IT. He said now I don’t have to worry about the payment I needed to make today. That if I have other issues I can call “when I have time” and they will help me. I informed him “having the time” is an issue. And, that I had already spent 2 hours on this issue today. He was sorry. . . And, yes. The calls are going to a foreign country. This is a NIGHTMARE!!


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