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May 24 2019

Произвольный текст и макросы до содержимого файла

Credit report usa Video

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Произвольный текст и макросы до содержимого файла, REMMONT.COM

Credit report usa

Equifax Credit Report Format

Equifax format credit reports in the standard Acrofile Plus layout for Equifax can be provided for easy integration into your application. Alternatively, the MERit Credit Engine provides credit report data in database tables or as XML, so it is possible to create your own custom-design report layouts.

The Merit Credit Engine uses the Equifax Internet System to System web interface to access STS 6.0 or System 5 fixed-format data, from which it generates the human readable report. The Merit credit API documentation shows how you can also request that Equifax generate human readable text reports as part of its response. With either approach, it is an easy matter for software developers to pass the report text directly to the end-user for viewing or printing, as illustrated below.

Equifax Layout

1. Inquiry Data Shows the data used for the request. It identifies the consumer name, current address, former address and employment (if provided,) and social security number.

2. Report Header Appears at the top of reports to identify the operator, the user reference (if provided) and relevant dates and times.

3. Risk Models One or more credit scores may appear here, along with reason codes. This example shows a BEACON score.

4. Safescan Alerts Possible fraud indicators, such as an SSN used with other names or reported as deceased.

5. OFAC Alert provides a record of the check against the Office of Foreign Assets Control database for USA PATRIOT Act compliance.

6. Consumer referral address shows the credit bureau phone number and address to be provided to the consumer if credit is declined.

7. Subject Identification shows the full name that Equifax has on file. SINCE indicates the date the file was established, FAD is the date the file was last updated, FN is the Equifax internal file number.

8. Addresses (Current and Former) with dates reported.

9. BDS / Social Security Number Birth date of the subject and one or more Social Security numbers associated with this consumer.

10. Employment Up to four lines showing recent employers (as known to Equifax.)

11. Profile Summary is a quick overview of the rest of the report. SUM – The date range covered. PR/OI – Existence of public records or other information. (Yes or No.) COLL – Existence of collection items. (Yes or No.) FB – Foreign bureau accounts (how many.) ACCTS – Accounts (how many.) HC – Range of lowest credit limit to highest reported credit limit or balance.
ONES, TWOS. – How many R1, R2 derogatory trade items.

12. Inquiry Alert – Warns of possibly excessive recent applications for credit.

13. Public Records – May include docket number and dollar amounts from garnishments, bankruptcies, judgments, and other court records. See table below.

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Произвольный текст и макросы после содержимого файла

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