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May 24 2019

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My credit rating free $ Video

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My credit rating free

Check your credit score, for free

Join over Savvy Australian members. See your score instantly and whenever you want for free, always.

your credit score and credit report over time

what’s behind your score, how to improve and protect it

loans and credit card offers for your score that will save you money

We offer more than just a score, we’re here to help.

Know where you stand

We’ll show you how your credit score compares, and how your score could get you a better deal and save you money!

Learn and improve

Free monthly score updates and tracking plus downloadable guides, learning resources on how to improve your credit reputation, life savvy money tips and more.

Reach your financial goals

Tools and calculators to help you do the sums and the ability to compare hundreds of credit cards, personal and home loans to help you reach your goals and financial freedom!

Spot identity theft

Free credit monitoring and alerts when something changes, along with 256-bit bank-level encryption to keep you safe.

Why join Credit Savvy?

Yep, completely and utterly free, we will never ask you for a cent.

Quick and Easy

Joining takes less than 3 minutes!

Won’t hurt your credit score

Checking your credit score with us won’t affect your credit score at all.

We make credit simple

Credit can be confusing so we lay out your credit file information simply and explain what each aspect means.

We’re safe and secure

We won’t share your details with anyone else, ever. Plus we use bank-level encryption to protect your data so no one else can get at it.


Protect yourself from identity theft and fraud

Free monthly score updates and credit alerts

As soon as we know, you know – when something changes on your credit file, we tell you asap.

We help you put your score to use!

We show you how your score could save you money.

How it works

Get your free credit score

Tell us what you’re looking for

We help you find ways to save money

Find something that works for you, and everyone wins

We’ll give you the power to make smarter financial decisions

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a number that is calculated using the details on your credit file. It is a simple representation of your credit worthiness and is dynamic so it can change from month to month. A score can be between 0 and 1000 and the higher the score, the better. To make it easy, we’ve grouped the scores into 5 bands from Excellent to Below Average.

Why should I check my credit score?

In Australia, lenders such as banks, credit card companies, utilities and telcos can use your score to assess the risk of lending you money. Your score can also determine how much they will lend you as well as the interest rate. Knowing your score can help you get a better deal.

More than just a score

With Credit Savvy, you get free access to your Experian credit score and credit file information. You can track your progress with monthly updates and get alerts about key changes to your credit file. You’ll also see how your score compares to other Australians. You can learn how to improve and manage your score and see how you can use it to get a better deal.

Credit Savvy

Your credit score

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